I won’t go into my bio of what got me into Astronomy, i am sure its not what you’re here for. For now all i will say is, i have tried to enjoy my astronomy despite battling two major problems. Light Pollution and the lack of space for a more permanent setup. Another reason i decided to set this site up to document it.

I tend to work using an NEQ6 Skywatcher Mount which is guided and controlled by a computer loaded with Starry Night, Astrophotography Tool, and ASCOM.

I should mention here that i also use a mobile pier (made Bespoke by Astromount) and a cover that enables me to leave the setup outside for periods, made by Neil Ross (if interested happy to pass their details on.

For processing, i use a combination of Deep Sky Stacker, Pixinsight, and Photoshop

The imaging devices are use are mainly my

Canon 1000D and E450D (though the latter is used more these days). It is modded and also contains a CLS clip to help reduce Light Pollution.

From there it is all done remotely