E-Learning Career

I had toyed for some months about keeping this separate from my astro work, however it seemed pointless updating several sites!

Essentially this site is a distillation for two things i am very passionate about. Astronomy (with a bit of History and business some would argue) and E-Learning.

I have been in the IT profession itself since my teacher training (PGCE) went pear-shaped. Unsure of what to do with my life, i spent some time feeling sorry for myself. Eventually i found my way as a trainer. Although as with many back in the early 2000 i tried to get into ICT (and indeed i succeeded, in fact i can never seem to leave it now!). While most with any sense went into programming or network engineering, i drifted into Training.

E-Learning was my attempt to keep up with the trend, found i liked designing stuff too! So here are some of the bits i have put together.