I have always resisted being called an Astrophotographer. The scientist in me will not accept that title and more than being called a technician (i preferred Engineer). For me the fundamental difference is not just photographing the night sky but trying to under stand it. This is why i prefer being called an “Amateur Astronomer”, to appease the Pro’s. Those that said my belief these days is the difference is becoming smaller and smaller between the two.

Strangely enough while rebuilding this site (it was such a mess before i decided to simply flatten it and rebuild it, i am sure Google must be chuffed!). However i think after the basic intro, a lot of the updates will be blog entries i will make. So please refer to them for more information.

A background though, i have mentioned what is in my kit. This is one thing you will notice with Amateur Astro’s (AA’s) and Imagers that each have their preferred method. Some like using DSLR’s, others Webcams, some CCD cameras, or even Smartphones. to be honest, there is no right or wrong way, it is what works for you!

I am the DSLR man and like to use my newly aquired ZWO ASI 224 camera for tracking.

Not sure what tracking is? Stick around for the ride, we’ll get to that.

I wonder how that ASI 224 will work for planetary work, well this year will hopefully tell.