Hello, and welcome to my humble website. a representation of my Astronomy and E-Learning work.

So why this website? True many amateur astronomers are very proud and passionate about their work (i am not exception) and like to blog about their work with the use of websites (like this one) or blogs. For me, being a trainer it is an occupational hazard for me to document what i do and how i do it. I like to do this for several reasons.

a) It is a story where others may find help and use in my work.

b) As i meet related errors i will try to block about them and how i fix them (this isn’t just for you, it is also for me to return to if i forget or need something.

Also the E-Learning side, well this is something else i like to do for fun and a place to showcase my work as well as providing information about my other current ongoing role as a IT Trainer and Assessor.

Yes, you’ve guessed it, i am the founding owner of AstronomyCourses too! (thats my cover blown now isn’t it! 🙂